Creating Albums and Adding Photos - The look of your Photo Gallery may differ in colour and style but the basics are the same.

Login to your Photo Album

Using the Username & Password that you set up or that was supplied to you.

If your Photo Gallery is new and there are no albums yet you will see this. You can create a new Album here. Click on New Album.

After Creating a New Album you can add photos to it as well as do many other things. Click on the Admin Options to see what you can do. If you already have some albums click into the one you wish to add photos to or create a new one. You can also create albums inside of other albums. For example if you want an album for litters you can have other albums inside it for each litter.

If there is already an album there it will now look like this. Go into whatever album you want to add photos to by clicking on the album name.

You will now see this.

Click on the Admin Options to see what you can do. To add photos click on *add Photos*

A window will pop up through which you can upload pictures from your own computer. Note* there are different apps that you can use (see tabs at the top of image on left) UYse 'FORM'. Click *Browse* to select picture, click browse again to add another. Scroll down to find UPLOAD link. can edit the caption (name of picture).

Find the file on your computer and choose it. Click Add. This will bring it into the next window (below)

You will see the pictureds you added.

You can at this point edit the photos by clicking on *edit photo*

*HINT* If you want to include a link in the text for your image you can do so by using the following format

<a href="">Words you want them to see </a