CAUTION! - DO NOT use the delete button located at the top of the editor screen unless you intend to delete the whole file.  If you need to delete anything from a page use the delete button on your keyboard.

Getting Started / Image Uploading / Image Placement / Working with tables / Adding links

Getting Started
Images for this tutorial were taken from specific sites. Yours will of course have different files.

Be careful to only edit files inside the httpdocs directory.

DO NOT confuse this with httpsdocs.

You should see this when you login. Follow the instructions in red on the picture to the left.

Here is missy.html. Left Click on it so it is highlighted

When it is highlighted the name of the file will automatically appear in the little box (#2).

Then Click on Edit (#3)

Your page will now show and be available for editing.
Getting Started / Image Uploading / Image Placement