Server Information

• Serviced by Canada's Premiere location in downtown Toronto at 151 Front St. There we have guaranteed power, guaranteed network availability and physically close access to all of the major trunks in Canada.

  • Fast 100mbps service, with lower latency
  • On-site security (armed guards and round-the-clock video surveillance)
  • More powerful technological backbone
  • Better search engine ranking through IP address allocation

• We own our own server at this facility, thus allowing greater flexibility, security and raw power to bring your vision to the Internet..

• Supported by OSX Server, OS 9, Debian Linux, Redhat Linux, Windows Server and other operating systems as needed.

• Our provider has a redundant array of Unix servers whose base architecture is significantly more resistant to security breaches and viruses than most Windows servers. This system is blazing fast with 128-bit processing and can handle millions of secure connections per day.