Adding pictures:

First make sure that your picture is the appropriate size for the page. 220 x 220 or so is fine at 93 dpi (your photo software program does this).

Have your cursor in the area that you want the picture to come in, then click on the image icon. (straight red arrow).

If there are any comments like SHOWN above @@BEGIN_OF_COMMENT......@@END_OF_COMMENT Don't take them out. Just take out the words {picture here} if they are there (curved red arrow)

A window pops up as shown here. Click on Browse. This takes you to the next step.




This window shows you what is on your own computer. You now locate where you saved your picture and click on it. When you click on it the name it takes you back to the previous window.


The name and location of the file you just clicked on will show in the upload image portion of the screen (blue arrow) Click on Upload (red arrow



Click on the name of the picture you just uploaded (blue arrow) and a copy of the picture shows in the window.

Click on Select (red arrow) and the picture will be on your page.


Click OK at the bottom of the editing page and it is saved. You may have to scroll down on the far right to get to the button.

Go to your website to check but be sure to refresh the page to see the changes.